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‘Credit History’ Articles

Tips on insurance quotes??

You may come across many websites providing you with online insurance quotes; but the real test is to get the lowest rates. However, with a bit of intelligence, the internet searching capabilities and some common sense based tips, your quest for the cheapest online quotes is just a few moments away. You need to understand [Continue]

The TDSR Ratio: Something To Remember

You may be wondering what on earth is a TDSR ratio. It is an abbreviation for total debt service ratio. This could very well affect your mortgage application, and in some cases, bring up a negative conclusion. The TDSR is a ratio that is calculated of income and debt in a given month. For many loan [Continue]

Your Credit Score Matters!

The only way have access to various investment options is to have a good credit rating. This is one of most important factors when applying for a mortgage or loan. Your credit rating is based on a score, which can topple down to a very low value, and give you no opportunity to get a [Continue]