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‘Debt Consolidation’ Articles

Is Your Lender Reliable? Find Out!

It is known that many people do not take the time to make sure everything in their major purchase is perfect and well established. This is a major mistake which should be decreased, because this can result in the loss in a ton of money. Every borrower should take the time to research about their [Continue]

The TDSR Ratio: Something To Remember

You may be wondering what on earth is a TDSR ratio. It is an abbreviation for total debt service ratio. This could very well affect your mortgage application, and in some cases, bring up a negative conclusion. The TDSR is a ratio that is calculated of income and debt in a given month. For many loan [Continue]

Preventing Foreclosure: Bankruptcy Filings On The Rise

According to studies that have been recently conducted, bankruptcy filings have been on the rise for elderly Americans. For Americans aged 55-64, bankruptcy filings have increased by 151%, and 178% for those aged 65-74. Also, for those aged over 65, bankruptcy filings have increased by an immense 567%. This rise can be explained by the [Continue]

How Bad Credit Mortgage Loans Can Help You

There are many people with bad credit. If you are one of them, it might be difficult to obtain a mortgage loan. However, the the ability to obtain a mortgage does not solely depend on your credit. Other key factors that play important roles include; your current income, your job status, your savings and your recent [Continue]

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