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Don\’t Refinance Your Home, Get A Personal Line of Credit

Mostly all lenders are giving various options to home owners and real estate investors for real estate investment financing. Although, it is best for you to understand the available options and weigh out to see which one would save you more money. In our case, we will be discussing how a personal line of credit [Continue]

Should You Refinance Your Home Mortgage?

Many home owners have a fixed rate on their mortgage, and when the mortgage rates on a downhill trend, the best solution is to refinance at that low interest. It sounds hip and beneficial, but it takes a lot of time and cost. The cost involved in refinancing your mortgage is not so high, but [Continue]

Preventing Foreclosure: Bankruptcy Filings On The Rise

According to studies that have been recently conducted, bankruptcy filings have been on the rise for elderly Americans. For Americans aged 55-64, bankruptcy filings have increased by 151%, and 178% for those aged 65-74. Also, for those aged over 65, bankruptcy filings have increased by an immense 567%. This rise can be explained by the [Continue]

How Bad Credit Mortgage Loans Can Help You

There are many people with bad credit. If you are one of them, it might be difficult to obtain a mortgage loan. However, the the ability to obtain a mortgage does not solely depend on your credit. Other key factors that play important roles include; your current income, your job status, your savings and your recent [Continue]

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