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‘Private Mortgage Insurance’ Articles

Don\’t Pay For Your Mortgage, Let Your Tenants Pay!

That\’s right! How would you like to have your tenants pay your monthly mortgage payments? This would mean; not a single penny from your pocket would be going towards paying off the mortgage. As you may know now, we are talking about a rental property. Here are some tips you should follow before approaching the [Continue]

How To Cancel Private Mortgage Insurance

This topic can be divided into three different sub-categories. Cancellation, termination which takes place automatically and final termination. Firstly we will look at cancellation and how to proceed for this to occur. You may be aware of the Homeowners Protection Act of 1998. Under this legal act, it said that any homeowner can request the [Continue]

Information On Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Private mortgage insurance may not be the insurance that comes with a handfull of joy and excitement, but for some new home buyers this is type is a must. This is usually the case when a home owner is not able to make the 20% down payment, and when they make that small 3 to [Continue]